In 2023, Here Are Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) You’re Already Using in Daily Life.

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The effects of artificial intelligence and how it will influence our future are topics of discussion throughout the whole tech industry. While we may believe that artificial intelligence won’t have a significant impact on our lives for at least a few years, it is already here. But did you realise that artificial intelligence is influencing our choices and way of life every single day? You don’t trust me? Read on as we give you 18 instances of artificial intelligence that you use every day #slideshare .

Bots that chat

We are all currently accustomed to utilizing different chatbots on the Internet. There are several types of bots, from the most basic customer care bot to one that mimics human speech. Did you know, though, that many of the bots you have been using are in fact manifestations of artificial intelligence # In 2023, Here Are Examples of AI Your Already Using in Daily Life?

Chat GPT is an excellent illustration of this. This chatbot was first used by users as another online friend. You’ll be amazed to learn that ChatGPT is actually a chatbot with artificial intelligence. Opens big language model (GPT 3) powers ChatGPT. Additionally, the business has introduced the GPT-4, an LLM that Plus users may purchase  Artificial intelligence Digital Marketing Agency .


 Bing on Microsoft

Although Google has long been the preferred search engine for the majority of people, Microsoft has just updated Bing with AI. In order to offer the search engine the capability to intelligently provide nuanced replies through it’s AI, the new AI Bing has been specifically designed. However, the new Chat mode also favors Bing. Examples of artificial intelligence in MS Bing. With Bing AI’s Chat mode, any user may converse with the search engine and receive all kinds of search results #Digital Marketing . Bing offers a large range of answers and functionality similar to Catgut. MS Bing has gained enormous popularity since it’s launch, with the website recording over 100 million daily active users. If the gathering already includes you. Google also tells the latest techniques and trends. 


Gmail and android messaging

In Gmail and Android messaging applications, there is a feature called Quick Reply that also uses # Artificial Intelligence AI . For instance, when I receive a message on What Sapp, a few fast responses depending on the message are displayed on top of the notice. By merely tapping on it, an immediate response will be given. Another instance of artificial intelligence (AI) marginally altering how we communicate online.

Last but not least, there is Grammer Check on Google Docs, which is AI-powered. Many individuals use Google Docs to compose stories, articles, and other types of content. And Google uses it’s progress in AI to assist users in constructing phrases devoid of errors. By default, the service is enabled, but you may explicitly activate it from

 Google Recorder, Transcribe, and Live Captions

Speech recognition is one of the areas where AI is most effectively used. Some of the better instances of real-time voice transcription using AI include Google Recorder and In fact, Google Recorder goes a step further by using Machine Learning, a kind of artificial intelligence, to transcribe talks even when there is no internet connection. Everything takes place precisely and offline. In addition, it makes a searchable note so you can quickly change the transcription while your out and about.

In 2023, Here Are Examples of AI Your Already Using in Daily Life

The effects of artificial intelligence and how it will influence our future are topics of discussion throughout the whole tech industry. In 2023, Here Are Examples of AI Your Already Using in Daily Life


Google Recorder, Transcribe, and Live Captions

In addition, Google has added Live Caption to the Chrome and Android browsers. It has the ability to hear internal sounds and provides real-time live captioning. This is all feasible because Artificial intelligence. 6. OCR with Google Lens

Another Google tool, Google Lens, is based on AI and features excellent optical recognition technology that is quick and precise. You may use photos to search for anything. Simply aim the camera at a shoe, a plant, an animal, or a text, and it will instantly identify the sort of topic and deliver accurate information on that object. The development of AI in the area of visual recognition makes all of this feasible. Not to add, Google Lens has OCR capabilities which makes it simple to extract text from photographs. Almost major OCR software libraries, including Tesseract and Tensor Flow, are based on AI to recognize the characters on.

 Fall and vehicle crash detection

A Fall Detection function seen in more recent Apple Watches notifies the local emergency team when it detects a heavy fall. It correctly detects a hard fall using AI algorithms and accelerometer and gyroscope data to detect the fall. You might not be aware of it, but AI is saving a great deal of lives. Similar to this, Car Crash Detection is now available on Google and Apple iPhones, and it is educated using machine learning models of actual auto accidents. The phone notifies the response team and your predetermined contacts of the location if it detects an automobile accident. It’s reasonable to conclude that all of the features, from life-saving functions to software tools,


 Google Camera and Assistant

We had access to AI long before we started utilising ChatGPT or Bing. Whether you realise it or not, if you use a smartphone frequently, you are interacting with AI. AI is influencing our lives on a daily basis, from utilising built-in smart assistants to tools like portrait mode on phone cameras.The two examples I gave above actually offer us with a window into the realm of AI and how it is influencing our lives. First, there are the obvious aspects of AI that the most of us are familiar with. For instance, you generally are aware that a smart assistant is built on AI when you use one, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, or Bixby. However,

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